About MS Instruments

Company History

MS Instruments was established on April 1, 1991 by a group of engineers. The company is registered with the Treasury Department as a supplier of testing equipment.

The mission of the company is to cater for the needs of material testing equipment in the manufacturing, education and R&D sectors through specialization in the areas of applications and after-sales support.

We represent some of the World's renowned Principals from Australia, Denmark, Germany, Japan, Switzerland, USA, UK, etc. on an Exclusive basis in Malaysia, for promoting/selling and servicing their Products & Technologies. With the support from our Principals, the company has grown over the years and is one of the leading Material Testing Equipment suppliers in Malaysia.


In the Government sector, the major customers are the universities, colleges, research institutions, public works department, meteorological department, chemistry department, SIRIM, etc.

In the private sector, we cover the public testing laboratories, R&D/QC departments in the automotive, rubber, plastics, metal, paper, ink, shoes, textile, cement, asphalt and geotechnical industries.